1977 Piper Turbo Arrow III


This one I have found on ebay Germany. It caught my interest because some years ago I was always looking for a nice Arrow III, but couldn’t find one. The benign flight characteristics of my old Warrior in a very well equipped IFR airplane with 200 hp and retractable gear – great!

For sale in Germany, this beautiful 1977 Piper Turbo Arrow III

For sale in Germany, this beautiful 1977 Piper Turbo Arrow III. Almost no airplanes in this class are produced today

This is my opinion about the Piper Turbo Arrow III (your opinion may be different)

  • Not a Mooney but a sufficiently fast robust travelling airplane and complex trainer
  • Cheaper maintenance than a Mooney too
  • The classic tail is better. The Arrow IV’s T-Tail had one advantage: protect the pilot from rain. The main reason for the change from the classic tail was that Piper probably “needed something new” and T-tails were the trend back then. When it’s about flight characteristics the T-tail cannot convince: Less pitch control at low speed, longer take-off run.
  • Better visibility than in a C-172RG and more “big airplane” feeling
  • Very docile in slow flight, almost impossible to get into a stall/spin scenario
  • A good looking airplane – in my eyes.

It is beeing sold by a nice gentleman in north-east Germany who agreed that I put it on my site. His eMail is [at][dot] . Before you ask, no i do not know the seller in person, and I have only exchaged some eMails with him.

This Arrow III has some details I like:

  • Nice paint and interesting paint scheme
  • Very well equipped. Highlights: Garmin GNS530, HSI, S-TEC60 A/P with altitude preselect, digital CHT and EGT indication, Fuel Flow, Radar Altimeter (!), Stormscope, GTX330, KN62A DME, KR-87 ADF, Transponder, 4 place intercom
  • Low total time with ca. 2900 h
  • Very low engine and prop time with 115 h
  • LoPresti and Knots2U Speed Tuning (the seller claims 175 KTAS at FL120, but i have no idea if that is realistic). That would actually be almost the top speed of my (normally aspirated!) Cirrus SR22 at that altitude – with 310 hp!

The price: € 95.000. What do I think of that? Well, it’s NOT a cheap Turbo Arrow (you can find Turbo Arrow IV’s for € 40K or even less) – but I think it’s worth that much to somebody who wants a nice, fast and well equipped single engine airplane – or a complex trainer. Of course you can find one for €40K. With a run-out engine and typcial 70’s avionics. But you would spend more than 100.000 Euro to bring it to this level.

How could it be improved even further?

If I bought it and intended to fly it for a couple of years I would think about installing an Aspen glass cockpit and a second Garmin IFR GPS/COM. Another useful improvement and even more important for a high flying and fast turbo piston single would be a semiportable oxygen system.

€ 95.000 is a lot of money, but if the airplane is really as good as i think it is (no engine problems, no corrosion, no former damage, no hidden problems!) then I would recommend this airplane, or even be interested myself. I have not seen a better equipped Turbo Arrow on the used market.

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