iEFIS – Attitude Indicator for iLEVIL

iEFIS is a Simulated Glass Cockpit PFD for iPhone and iPad. It comes in two version: iEFIS Light and iEFIS Pro.


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Features of iEFIS (Light and Pro Version)

  • PFD Simulation for all iPhones and iPads with GPS (internal or external GPS receiver)
  • Select either the iPhone’s or iPad’s internal GPS and motion sensors or connect to external iLEVIL AHRS device (iLevil 1,2,3 SW/AW, Sport)*
  • Groundspeed in km/h, mph or kts
  • GPS Altitude in ft MSL or m MSL
  • Switch between 90 (“Arc View”) or 360 degree Course Rose
  • Select one of the following modes: Magnetic Track (M TRK), True Track (T TRK), Magnetic Heading (M HDG) or True Heading (T HDG)**
  • GPS Track Modes show dotted line

*  The iLEVIL AHRS G mini device is not supported at this time, but we will try to add other devices in the future
** Magnetic Heading information from iPhone’s/iPad’s internal sensor can be unreliable when device is placed/mounted near electronics. Please read iLEVIL documentation about how to calibrate heading data and where to mount the external device

Features of iEFIS Pro Version

  • Worldwide Airport Database
  • When setting “Airports” to “on” the Nearest Airport is constantly displayed during flight together with the most imprtant data: a course line, Bearing and Distance to the Airport, Runway orientation and length, elevation above MSL.
  • Fullscreen Navigations Display with Nearest Airports (if Attitude Indicator is not needed or no iLevil device present),
  • Calibration of Heading Information

How do you use it?

  • iOS-mode is for simulation only, because it will not show reliable attitude information in most cases. The internal 3D MEMS chips etc. are not designed for inflight use and the data will be influenced by both vibration and g-forces. GPS-Track data and speed will be displayed correctly in most cases if the iOS device is mounted in a way that it has good enough GPS reception.
  • For reliable attitude information connect the iOS device to an iLEVIL external AHRS device by Wifi. Follow the user guide for installation of the AHRS device.
  • Select the data source under settings (lower right corner)
  • When starting the app and after connecting it to the iLEVIL device give the iLEVIL device enough time to warm up and to calibrate itself. Also make sure that GPS reception is good.
  • After placing the iOS device in a mount tap the “V bar” of the attitude incidator to calibrate the attitude. The iLEVIL device can be mounted in several ways, see user guide.
  • Tap the speed and altitude windows to select the units you want to use (km/h, mph or kts for speed, ft or m for altitude)
  • Tap the Course window to select one of four navigation modes (M HDG, T HDG, M TRK, T TRK). GPS modes are displayed in white and with a track line, Heading modes are displayed in yellow without the track line.
  • Tap the airplane symbol to select 360 course rose or 90 degree arc view
  • Tap the course window long to start calibration of the Heading information in M HDG or T HDG mode. A second course window opens and you can simply set the right heading by sliding your finger left or right (iEFIS Pro only).
  • Switch on “Nearest Airport” display under settings (iEFIS Pro only).
  • Zoom in/out Airport map with pinch gesture (iEFIS Pro only).
  • Tap Runway information to toggle between Runway orientation and Runway length (iEFIS Pro only).
  • Start Fullscreen Mode: Put finger on navigation display (not on the attitude indicator) and slide up (iEFIS Pro only).

WARNING: iEFIS and the iLEVIL devices are not certified by any aviation authority (FAA, EASA, other) and they cannot be used in IFR conditions (“IMC”) or as a primary source for attitude or navigation. By confirming the Disclaimer upon start-up of the app the user confirms that he is aware of these limitations and will only use the app in VFR flight conditions (VMC).

Version History:

V1.0 (March 2017)
V1.1 (March 2017), Course Rose mode change (from 360 degree rose to 90 degree arc) is changed by tapping airplane symbol now, roll pointer that pointed in wrong direction was repaired.